Jegna School of Music ™  is a mobile school. Students learn in environments that are
convenient for the teacher and student.  

Full payment is due before service is rendered. We accept all major credit cards.
Students should pay online or make checks payable to Jegna School of Music. NOTE: Prices are subject to change

Test drive Jegna!
Are we a match? Let us find out during our first lesson. We can help you with ear training, intonation, phrasing, technique and more. Lessons are one hour in length.

$85 for an introductory lesson - Try us!

Study at Jegna!
Give us time to improve your skills. Lessons are one hour in length.

NEW! Jegna Entrepreneur Class
We can teach you how to turn your musicianship into entrepreneurship. Sign up for one session or study with us for four weeks

Instrumental Studio (trumpet, trombone, piano, saxophone, bass, drums, plus more)
Learn how to play your instrument or improve musical skills. Popular Class

Music theory
Learn how to read and notate music. Study fundamental harmonic and melodic practices in music.

Composition and Arranging
Build your composing and arranging skills. Learn how to write/rewrite a melody and add interesting harmony.

Music Business
Learn about intellectual property, copyright, fair use, performing rights organizations, BMI Live, Sound Exchange, and more.

Improvisation Class (Basic or Advanced) 
Learn how to create and build solos. Students will work on clarity, concept, and creativity. This class explores the blues, rhythm changes, standards, ballads, bebop, modal, Coltrane changes plus more. Popular Class 

Basic Improvisation 

$25 for a group of 3 or more 

Advanced Improvisation 
$25 for a group of 3 or more 

Group Instruction $25 for an hour Sign up!
Fine tune skills on your instrument. Minimum 3 students, max 6.

After School Program
Do you need an after-school music program at your school? Jegna School of Music offers group lessons and ensemble training for after-school programs.

Option 1: Small group instruction in your home.
Option 2: Small group instruction on-site at your homeschool.

Songwriting Class $25 for a group of 3 or more
Learn how to turn thoughts into song lyrics. 

Composition Class $25 for a group of 3 or more 
Learn how to compose tunes. 

Music Production Class $25 for a group of 3 or more 

Jegna Ensemble
For intermediate to advanced students. This ensemble explores Jazz, Calypso, Reggae and Afro Beat. Each student will have the opportunity to improvise in various styles. Minimum 5 students, max 10. Learn more here